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CM Contract Cleaning Services Ltd began in 1977 primarily as a window cleaning company serving homeowners in the four counties of  Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. What began as a summer business whilst waiting for the academic year to re-start, became a career driven by the desire to prove that a high quality, reliable, and highly motivated cleaning company does exist!


We soon expanded into cleaning local hotels, nursing homes, pub and restaurant windows.


It wasn't long after that requests for other services soon led us to expand into the commercial contract cleaning market. We quickly built a reputation for high quality and reliable services no matter which business sector we served.


Our clients have included charities, schools, hospitals, pubs and clubs, restaurants, offices, warehouses, shops, to name just a few. We have clients who are major PLC's, limited companies, local authorities, as well as many small to large local businesses.


How CM Contract Cleaning Services Ltd Works With You


Whether you are someone who has never hired a cleaning service before, or someone who is dissatisfied with your current contract cleaning service, we undertake a "Client's Requirement Survey" right from the start.


We've had potential clients ask us, Why do you undertake the "Client's Requirement Survey, after all we just need someone to clean our building?"


Our answer is, "Were you happy with the last company you had cleaning?"

The potential client says, "No."


We go on to explain that our cleaning requirements survey allows us to precisely tailor our service to thier needs and meet thier expectations. We believe that only by closely listening to our prospective clients, can we overcome many of the problems our clients have experienced in the past with other contractors.


We also do a site survey. Potential clients ask us why we "insist" on measuring each area so accurately. We think you should only pay for areas we clean. By using the latest and most accurate laser measuring tools available, we ensure that only the actual cleaning area is measured, this means that you do not pay for cleaning "dead or unused" space.


While we are doing all that measuring, we also note the surfaces  present in each area so we can develop a specific cleaning procedure schedule for each surface type. Our goal is to do more than keep everything looking good. We want to lower your total cost of ownership by extending the useful life of every surface and item within the premises.


These are just some examples. We pride ourselves on offering our client's the very best advice on how to achieve thier goals regarding the cleaning of their premises.


We will never make claims or promises that we are unable to keep. If that is the kind of company you want to work with, then we invite you to contact us today for your free "Client's Requirement Survey."


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