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Are you looking for a well-qualified, reliable and flexible partner to clean your building in Northants, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire or the surrounding areas? Welcome to CM Contract Cleaning Services Ltd.

Commercial Cleaning that Maximizes Your Budget

At CM Contract Cleaning Services we recognise that your assets are worth protecting. Thats why our bespoke commercial cleaning service protects your investments.

Correct Cleaning Procedures and Cleaning Timescales

Did you know with the right Cleaning Procedures and Cleaning Timescales you can extend your high value investments, such as carpeting, hard floors, machinery, office equipment and much more?

Well with our 35 years experiance we have repeatedly proven that with the correct Cleaning Procedures and Cleaning Timescales our clients high value investments have lasted longer.

Your One-Stop Commercial Contract Cleaning Company

Are you tired of needing to hire more than one cleaning company for your building?

At CM Contract Cleaning Services we cover all aspects of commercial cleaning. All of our staff members are certified in Health and Safety and proper cleaning procedures to meet all the requirements in your facility.                                                                                                                                       

Dependable Commercial Cleaning

Are you concerned about cleaners not turning up on time or not doing the job right?

We use a sophisticated log in and log out system, so that our cleaners will always turn up and if your not satisfied with the standard of cleaning we will give you a refund. That is part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning

Would you like to set your own cleaning priorities? We make it easy for you to do that. We’ve developed a unique classification system where you can prioritise the importance of different areas in your facility. High-priority areas receive the highest amount of cleaning time, while areas you define as less important are treated accordingly. This saves you money whilst maintaining a regular cleaning schedule that protects your investments.

We are a well-established cleaning company that has given great satisfaction to many customers thanks to our professional cleaning services, our highly trained staff and our modern and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies.

Dear Bob,

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your staff for all your hard work during the past year in keeping our facilities at both our sites to a high level of cleanliness.


We look forward to another year of working with you and your staff.


Best regards JH

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